Subject:                                     RE: Re: Mottram show


 Results from Mottram Show Aug 20th 2017
 Aged ram 1st. G Pears. 2nd. A Bland. 3rd. H Smith.


Shearling ram 1st @3rd. G Pears 2nd. A Bland.


Lamb ram 1st. S Bolton 2nd. G Pears 3rd. H Smith.


Ewe which has suckled in 2017 1st. S Bolton 2nd A Bland 3rd. G Pears


Shearling ewe 1st. S Bolton 2nd@3rd.A Bland


 Ewe lamb 1st. A Bland 2nd. S Bolton 3rd. G Pears


Group of three 2females and 1 male 1st. S Bolton 2nd A Bland 3rd G Pears


Champion. S Bolton.


Res Champion. G Pears