Subject:                                     RE: Moorcock Show Results



Moorcock Show Results


Swaledale Classes: 

Aged Ram; Jim&Alice Scarr Memorial Cup 1st M&S Sunter, 2nd A&M Brennand&Sons.

Tup Shearling; Arthur&Betty Sowerby Memorial Cup 1st PE&KA Sowerby, 2nd J Nattrass, 3rd A&M Brennand&sons. Tup Lamb; 1st P Ewbank, 2nd J&SJ Bland, 3rd JS Cloughton. 

Small Breeder Tup Shearling; 1st M&S Sunter, 2nd A Keiley. Small Breeder Tup Lamb; 1st TW Hutchinson, 2nd C Alderson, 3rd SL Pratt. 

Tup Lamb Not shown in any other class; 1st J&SJ Bland, 2nd C Alderson. 

Tup Lamb & Gimmer Lamb; J Richardson Cup 1st P Ewbank, 2nd TW Hutchinson, 3rd SL Pratt.

Male&Female; 1st PE&KA Sowerby, 2nd P Ewbank, 3rd M&S Sunter.

Tup Shearling&Gimmer Shearling; Mossdale 2nd Trophy 1st PE&KA Sowerby,(won trophy out right) 2nd A&M Brennand & Sons, 3rd A Keiley. 

Small Breeder Ewe; 1st SL Pratt, 2nd T Bainbridge, 3rd M&S Sunter.

Small Breeder Gimmer Shearling; 1st SL Pratt, 2nd B Thomas, 3rd T Bainbridge, 4th M&S Sunter.

Small Bredder Gimmer Lamb; 1st TW Hutchinson, 2nd C Alderson, 3rd SL Pratt. 

Ewe; 1st PE&KA Sowerby, 2nd J&SJ Bland, 3rd J Nattrass.

Gimmer Shearling; 1st PE&KA Sowerby, 2nd P Ewbank, 3rd JS Cloughton. 

Gimmer Lamb; 1st J Nattrass, 2nd JR Pratt, 3rd JS Cloughton.

Gimmer Lamb not shown in any other class; 1st P Ewbank, 2nd JS Cloughton, 3rd C Alderson. 

Female any age; 1st SL Pratt, 2nd J Nattrass, 3rd PE&KA Sowerby.

Female not won a prize; 1st P Ewbank, 2nd A Keiley, 3rd J Natrass. 

Champion Tup Lamb; The Youngs Challenge Cup P Ewbank, Reserve J&SJ Bland. 

Local Champion Small Breeder; The Fountain Cup M&S Sunter, Reserve M&S Sunter. 

Champion Small Breeder; W Akrigg Tankard SL Pratt, Reserve SL Pratt. 

Local Champion; Hawes Auction Mart Cup J&SJ Bland, Reserve Hanging Lund Cup JS Cloughton.

Male Champion; PE&KA Sowerby, Reserve M&S Sunter. 

Female Champion; SL Pratt, Reserve SL Pratt.

Champion Swaledale; HRH Prince of Wales Perpetual Trophy SL Pratt, Reserve Centenary Cup PE&KA Sowerby.